A Trip to Rennesøy, Norway

Tweet Rennesøy is an island municipality in Rogaland county, Norway. It is located in the traditional district of Ryfylke. The administrative centre of the […]

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Birds in Sandnes Fjørd (Burung di Teluk Sandnes)

Tweet In summer time, birds are easily found in area of Sandnes, Norway, especially in bay area. Many people sit down and enjoy the […]

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Egersund City Tour, Norway

Tweet   Egersund City has one of the best natural harbours in Norway, and applied to be the largest harbour in Norway when measured in quantity […]

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The Beginning of Christmas 2015 (Suasana Awal Natal 2015)

Tweet The beginning of Christmas 2015 in Langgata, Sandnes begins with some christmas decoration along the street including christmas tree. Many shops also decorate […]

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Black Friday

Black Friday (Jumat Hitam), Norway

Tweet Black Friday is the day following Thanksgiving Day in the United States (the fourth Thursday of November). For several decades, it has been […]

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Haugesund City Tour

Haugesund City Tour, Norway

Tweet Haugesund is a town and municipality in Rogaland county, Norway. The town is the main population centre of the Haugaland region in northern […]

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Mathallen final

Mathallen Stavanger (Food Hall Stavanger)

Tweet   Mathallen (Food Hall) was established in Stavanger in year 2015. Mathallen (Food Hall) was earlier established in Oslo in year 2012. Mathallen (Food Hall) […]

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Antique market

Antique Market (Pasar Barang Antik)

Tweet Antique market is a market specializing in the selling of antiques. Antiques market can be located either locally or, with the advent of the Internet, found online. […]

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Vaulen Beach, Stavanger

Tweet Vaulen beach is situated at Gandsfjorden, close to one of Stavanger’s most popular hiking trails. It is located in nearby Hinna area, Stavanger. […]

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Fishing in Sandnes

Fishing in Sandnes

Tweet Fishing is one activity that is favored by most people in the summer. In addition to warm weather and suitable for fishing, many fish […]

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Blink Festival 2015 – Skyting

TweetBLINK Festival was first held in 2006 and has during that time evolved to become the world’s largest skiing arrangement in the summer times. This year […]

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Mancing Ikan (Fishing)

Tweet Fishing is one activity that is favored by most people in the summer. In addition to warm weather and suitable for fishing, many fish […]

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Stavanger Maijazz

Tweet Maijazz is the oldest and greatest music festival in Stavanger, Norway. MaiJazz has developed to be one of Norway’s leading jazz festivals in 1989 by […]

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Malta cover

Malta City Tour

Tweet   Malta is a Southern European island country comprising an archipelago of seven islands in the Mediterranean. Malta is a popular tourist destination […]

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Rogaland Arboret (Arboretum Park)

Tweet The Rogaland Arboretum was established in 1972 and today  the park includes 7,0 hectares of forest and parkland. The collections hold with estimation […]

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Hommersåk Town, Norway

Tweet Hommersåk is a town with more than 5000 inhabitants which is located in Riska – Rogaland, Norway. It is reached by transportation road for about 12 […]

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Ullensvang Tour, Norway

TweetUllensvang is a town in Hordaland area, Norway. The town could be reached from Stavanger and it takes about 4 hours by ferry. The main population of […]

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