Chicken Mushroom Cream Soup (Sup Krim Ayam Jamur)

JiVie, 2015-01-17

Chicken Mushroom Cream Soup is an easy type of soups where it is thinned with cream, chicken (and broth), and then mushrooms are added. The dish is originally from France. It is well known in North America as a condensed canned soup. The taste is absolutely delicious :)

Sup Krim Ayam Jamur adalah jenis sup sederhana yang menggunakan krim kental, ayam (beserta kaldunya), dan jamur. Masakan ini berasal dari Perancis. Di Amerika Utara, hidangan ini dikenal sebagai sup kaleng kental. Rasa Sup Krim Ayam Jamur ini sangat lezat :)

Please find the ingredients as below/silahkan melihat bahan-bahan di bawah ini:

Chicken/ayam (150 gram)
Button Mushroom/jamur kancing (2 pcs)
Ear Mushroom/jamur kuping (2 pcs)
Onion/bawang bombay (1/2 pc)
Thick cream/krim kental (250 ml)
Salt/garam (1/2 tsp)
Pepper/merica (1/2 tsp)
Nutmeg/pala (pinch of/sejumput)
All purpose flour/tepung terigu (2 tsp)
Butter/mentega (3 tsp)
Chicken broth/kaldu ayam (50 ml)


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