Ikan Goreng Kremes (Crispy Fried Fish)

JiVie, 2015-05-05

Kremes seringkali disajikan bersama dengan ikan goreng. Ikan goreng kremes ini banyak dijumpai di berbagai restoran  di Indonesia. Resep dan cara membuatnya sangat mudah. Akan tetapi, sensasi rasa terasa sangat nikmat apabila disajikan dengan nasi putih dan sambal cabai :)

Crispy Flour often served with fried fish. This crispy fried fish is found in many restaurants in Indonesia. Recipes and how to make it  are very easy. However, the taste is very delicious especially when  it is served  with warm rice and chili sauce :)

Silahkan melihat resepnya di bawah ini/please find the recipe as below:

Ikan/fish (1 pc); jeruk nipis/lemon (1/2 pc)
Bumbu Kremes/Crispy Flour:
* Tepung tapioka/tapioka flour (3 tbsp)
* Tepung beras/all purpose flour (1 tbsp)
* Telur/egg (1 pc)
* Bawang bombay/onion (1/2 pc)
* Garam/salt (1/3 tbsp)
* Air/water (150-200 ml)
Saus Cabai/chili sauce
Minyak sayur/vegetable oil


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