Top Five Tourist Places in Tunisia

JiVie, 2014-02-16

Tunisia is the northernmost country in Africa, covering 165,000 square kilometres (64,000 sq mi). Its northernmost point, Ras ben Sakka, is the northernmost point on the African continent. It is bordered by Algeria to the west, Libya to the southeast, and the Mediterranean Sea to the north and east. As of 2013, its population is estimated at just under 10.8 million. Its name is derived from its capital city, Tunis, located on the country’s northeast coast.

The top five tourist places in Tunisia are:

  • Tunis Medina

The Medina in Tunis is one of the more traditional sites – but it’s still very much appropriate for tourists of all types and ages. It’s one of the most historic regions of North Africa and contained within the famous walls is a bustling market, full of local products.

  • Bardo Museum

The mosaics on show in the Bardo Museum are some of the most beautiful in the world, with this attraction boasting an international reputation. As well as the mosaics, there are numerous historic sculptures and visitors can browse both paleo-Christian and Islamic offerings.

  • Sidi Bou Said

Sidi Bou Said is another attraction classed in the “traditional” category and again something that you wouldn’t find in your typical, popular European holiday destination. This small village is regarded as an area of natural beauty and anyone who appreciates fine architecture is in for a treat and a half.

  • El Djem

Out of all of the sites on our list, El Djem is probably the one that most readers will be familiar with. It’s the attraction that is always covered in those holiday brochures, with the amphitheatre being one of the best preserved in the world. It’s possible to venture around this attraction and walk up as high as the third tier, while there is also an underground area which is still completely in-tact and showcases the various tunnels and dungeons that were once the home of gladiators.

  • Dougga

One site that will certainly take longer than half a day is Dougga, which is located deep in rural Tunisia and once again shows some of the country’s history in its proudest form. A theatre, which is understood to have been erected as early as 168 AD is one of its premier attractions, while there is also the Capitoline Temple which is often a tourist favourite.


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