Resep Pizza Mie (Noodle Pizza Recipe)

JiVie, 2015-09-07

Pizza merupakan masakan khas dari Italia. Akan tetapi, pizza bisa dimodifikasi dengan menggunakan mie sebagai bahan dasar pizza yang seringkali dinamakan pizza mie. Pizza unik ini merupakan perpaduan antara masakan Italia dan Asia. Akan tetapi, untuk toppingnya tetap sama yaitu menggunakan pasta tomat, daging cincang sapi, dan keju. Rasanya lezat sekali :)

Pizza is a traditional food from Italy. But, pizza also could be modified by using noodle as the dough base where frequently called as the Noodle Pizza. This makes the pizza becomes unique since this becomes combination between Italian and Asian food. But, for the topping, could be reffered as Italian pizza by using tomatoe paste, minced beef, and cheese. The taste is absolutely delicious :)

Silahkan melihat bahan-bahannya di bawah ini/please find the ingredients as below:

Mie kering/dry noodle (1 pack)
Daging sapi halus/minced beef (30 gram)
Bawang bombay/onion (1/4 pc); bawang putih/garlic (3 pcs)
Tomat/tomatoe (1/2); cabai ijo besar/green big chili (1/2 pc)
Cabai ijo merah/big chili (1/2 pc); daun seledri/celery (5 pcs)
Saus tomat/tomatoe sauce (4 tbsp)
Keju parut/grated cheese (30 gram)
Telur/egg (1 pc); tepung maizena/cornstarch (1 tbsp)
Minyak sayur/vegetable oil


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