Cara Membuat Spageti Sosis (How to Make Spaghetti Sausage)

JiVie, 2015-10-02

Spageti adalah makanan yang berbentuk mie yang berasal dari negara Italia. Penyajian spageti ini dilakukan dengan cara direbus hingga spageti lunak. Salah satu kreasi agar mempercantik dan menambah selera makan, ditengah spageti bisa dimasukan sosis ayam sebelum spageti di rebus. Kreasi ini dinamakan sebagai Spageti Sosis :)

Spaghetti Sausage is the food that shaped as a noodle that is originally from Italy. The spaghetti is provided by boiling them till they are soft. One of the creations to have better and increase the appetite is to put the chicken sausage in the middle of the spaghetti. This creation could be called as Spaghetti Sausage :)

Resepnya adalah dibawah ini / the recipe is shown as below:

-Mie spaghetti/spaghetti (1/2 pack)
-Sosis ayam/chicken sausage (2 pcs)


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