Resep Mie Goreng (Fried Noodle Recipe)

JiVie, 2015-11-14

Mie Goreng merupakan makanan khas yang banyak dikonsumsi oleh masyarakat Indonesia. Mie tersebut direbus terlebih dahulu hingga lunak. Setelah itu, mie ditiriskan dan kemudian dimasak bersama bumbu instant dan juga kecap manis. Rasanya enak sekali :)

Fried Noodle is the traditional food where many of Indonesian people consumed them as daily food. The noodle is firstly boiled till soft. Afterwards, the noodle is drained and then is cooked together with the instant noodle ingredients and also the sweet soya sauce. The taste is very delicious :)

Silahkan melihat resep di bawah ini/please find the ingredient as below:

– Mie kering/fried noodle (1 pack)

– Daging ayam/chicken meat (75 gram)

– Cabai┬ámerah besar/red big chili (1/2 pc)

– Cabai ijo besar/green big chili (1/2 pc)

– Tauge/bean sprout (30 gram)

– Garam/salt (pinch of)

– Bawang bombay/onion (1/4 pc)

– Bawang putih/garlic (1 pc)

– Mentimun/cucumber (1/4 pc)

– Tomat/tomatoe (1 pc)

– Kecap manis/sweet soya sauce (1 tsp)

– Lemon (1/4 pc)

– Minyak sayur/vegetable oil


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