Makan Mie Bakso ala Thailand (Eating Thai Meatball Noodle Soup)

JiVie, 2015-12-07

Mie Bakso Ala Thailand hampir sama dengan Mie Bakso ala Indonesia, bedanya terletak pada Mie Bakso Thailand menggunakan mie putih kwetiau, kecap asin, dan sayur-sayuran seperti brokoli, dan juga menambahkan irisan daging sapi disamping dengan bakso bulat.  Mie Bakso Ala Thailand banyak dijajakan dengan menggunakan perahu, sehingga sering dinamakan juga dengan Mie Perahu. Rasa Mie Bakso ini pun benar-benar nikmat :)

Thai Meatball Noodle Soup is similar with Indonesia Meatball Soup. The Thai Noodle Soup is using the kwetiaw noodle, the fish sauce, and vegetables like broccoli. The slices of beef also are added into the soup together with the meatball. The Meatball Noodle Soup in Thailand are frequently sold by the boats. Therefore, this food is also known by Boat Noodle. The taste is very delicious :)


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