How to Make Hot Spicy Chicken (Cara Membuat Ayam Balado)

JiVie, 2014-11-08


Hot Spicy Chicken is food that could be easily found in Asia including Philippines. The chicken is cut into pieces and cook together with chili, shallot, garlic, and other ingredients. The level of hotness is depended on the person him/herself :)

Ayam Balado adalah makanan yang mudah ditemui di daerah Asia termasuk Philippines. Ayam dipotong menjadi beberapa bagian dan dimasak bersama cabai, bawang, dan bumbu lainnya. Tingkat kepedasan ayam tergantung dari masing-masing orang yang memasak :)

Please find the recipe as below / silahkan melihat resep di bawah ini:

-Chicken thighs (2 pcs)

-Chicken marinade:
*Shallot (2 pcs)
*Onion (1/4 pc)
*Garlic (2 pcs)
*Galangal (1 cm)
*Water (1/2 cup)
*Coriander (2 tsp)
*Salt (1 tsp)

-Balado sambal:
*Shallot (5 pcs)
*Garlic (5 pcs)
*Onion (1/2 pc)
*Rawit red chili (10 pcs)
*Paprika (1/2 pc)
*Tomatoes (3 pcs)
*Fish sauce/salty soya sauce (optional)
*Palm sugar (1/4 pc-optional)
*Lemon leaves (4 pcs)
*Salt (2 tsp)
*Pepper (1 tsp)
*Water (1 cup)


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