Klepp City Tour, Norway

JiVie, 2016-07-14

Klepp is located in district of Jaeren. Klepp is  also known as agriculture lanscape. The city is the second largest agricultural municipality in Rogaland, with a total of around 600 farms. Kverneland Group, which is located in Kvernaland, is the largest manufacturer of agricultural equipment in the world.

There are some famous beaches are found in Klepp: Bore and Orre. Borestranden or Bore Beach is a beach with about 3 km length. The beach is sandy and light beach. Located in Klepp – Norway, the beach could be reached about 25 minutes from Stavanger, 40 minutes from Egersund, and 15 minutes from Sandnes. Bore Beach also is famous with surfing and other watersport activities. During summer, the beach is fantastic and enjoyable to hanging around. It has the clear blue sky and sunshine :)

In Klepp, there are some churches could be found: Bore church, Orre Church and Klepp church. Klepp church is located in the middle of Klepp city. Till now, the Klepp church are still active. Klepp is also known as  part of The Sørlandet railway line, historically called the Jæren Line, runs through Klepp along lake Frøylandsvatnet, the village of Klepp stasjon. There is a shopping mall in Kleppe called Jærhagen and in front of Jærhagen, there is Mc Donald that serves various type of burgers and open 24/7 :)



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