Cara Membuat Telur Setengah Matang (How to Make Poached Egg)

JiVie, 2014-11-08


A poached egg is an egg that has been cooked by poaching, that is, in simmering liquid. Poached eggs are commonly found in USA during breakfast time. This method of preparation is favored because a very consistent and predictable result can be obtained with precise timing, as the boiling point of water removes the temperature variable from the cooking process.

Telur Setengah Matang adalah telur yang telah dimasak oleh di dalam air yang mendidih. Telur ini biasanya banyak dijumpai di Amerika Serikat di saat sarapan pagi. Metode ini disukai karena hasilnya yang sangat konsisten dan dapat diprediksi dalam waktu yang tepat.


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