Bryne City Tour, Norway

JiVie, 2016-09-09

Bryne is a town in Time municipality in Rogaland county, Norway. The town is also one of the 50 largest towns/cities in Norway. Bryne’s location in the prospering region of Stavanger/Sandnes and excellent road and rail links make Bryne an attractive area for commuters. Bryne Church is located in the centre of the town.

Bryne is located on the southern shores of the lake Frøylandsvatnet, about 25 minutes south of the city of Stavanger by train. The town has a population more than 11000 people. Bryne has three shopping malls. They are Torgsenteret, Brynetorget, and M44 which is the newest and second largest in Rogaland. There is also a shopping street called Storgata (“Main Street”) where there are several clothing shops, book shops, and sports wear shops, including special designer clothes shops that sell wares that can only be found in here.

Some places to visit in Bryne are such Fritz Røed Park, Garborg Centre, and Bryne Mølle. Fritz Røed Park is a very beautiful park lying in Bryne city center where many people can see the canal and enjoy their time under the sunshine. Furthermore, Bryne Mølle is a memorial and a museum in the center of Bryne in Time Municipality.


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