Resep Bakso Ayam Goreng (Chicken Meatball Recipe)

JiVie, 2016-09-16


Bakso adalah makanan yang banyak dijumpai di berbagai daerah di Indonesia. Biasanya bakso terbuat dari daging sapi yang dicampur tepung tapioka dan dibentuk menjadi bulatan. Namun demikian, ada varian baru dari bakso yang dinamakan bakso goreng, dimana bakso ini terbuat dari daging ayam giling yang dicampur tepung tapioka dan juga potongan wortel dan daun bawang dan kemudian digoreng. Rasanya sangat enak :)

Meatball is the food that commonly found in every place in Indonesia. Usually, the meatball is made by the smashed beef that is mixed with tapioca flour and make into round shape. Moreover, there is new variant of the meatballs which is called by the fried meatball. The meatball is made by the smashed chicken that is mixed with tapioca flour, chopped carrot and scallion. Furthermore, it is fried. The taste is absolutely delicious :)


Resep dapat dilihat di bawah ini/recipe can be seen below:

-Ayam/chicken meat (300 gram)
-Tepung tapioka/tapioca flour (150 gram)
-Wortel/carrot (100 gram)
-Daun bawang/scallion (5 pcs)
-Minyak sayur/vegetable oil (2 tbsp)
-Minyak wijen/sesame oil (1 tbsp)
-Putih telur/white egg (2 eggs)
-Garam/salt (1/2 tsp)
-Sugar/gula(1 tsp)
-Kaldu udang/shrimp broth (1/2 cube)
-Minyak sayur untuk memasak/vegetable oil for cooking


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