Buffalo Chicken Pull-Apart Bread Recipe (Resep Ayam Saus Buffalo)

JiVie, 2016-11-20


Buffalo Chicken Pull-Apart Bread is the simple food coming from USA. The food is served by shredded chicken that is mixed together with buffalo sauce, grated cheese, and chopped scallion that is put on the top of the dough that is cut into several slices. Furthermore, the dough is baked into the oven for about 40-45 minutes in 180 degree celcius before it is served with fresh yoghurt. The taste is so yummy :)


Ayam Saus Buffalo adalah makanan yang berasal dari Amerika Serikat. Makanan yang disajikan oleh ayam suwir yang dicampur bersama dengan saus buffalo, keju parut, dan daun bawang yang kemudian diletakkan di atas adonan yang dipotong menjadi beberapa bagian. Setelah itu, adonan dimasukkan ke dalam oven selama sekitar 40-45 menit di 180 derajat celcius sebelum disajikan dengan yoghurt segar. Rasanya sungguh lezat :)

– Pizza dough/adonan pizza (1 pc)
– Shredded chicken/ayam suwir (2/3 cup)
– Buffalo Sauce/Saus Buffalo (2/3 cup)
– Grated cheese/Keju parut (1 cup)
– Chopped scallion/daun bawang (1/2 cup)
– Unsalted butter/mentega (1/4 cup)
– Yoghurt sauce/saus yoghurt



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