Resep Smoothie Mangga Pisang (Mango Banana Smoothie Recipe)

JiVie, 2017-03-19

Smoothie Mangga Pisang sangatlah segar bila diminum dalam kondisi matahari yang terik atau dalam kondisi dahaga. Pembuatan Smoothie Mangga Pisang ini cukuplah mudah dan menggunakan bahan-bahan yang tidak sulit didapatkan di pasar, seperti: mangga, pisang, susu, madu, dan es batu. Rasanya benar-benar segar :)

Mango Banana Smoothie is very fresh to drink in the hot weather or in the thirsty condition. To make this smoothie is easy and also the ingredients are not difficult to find in the market, such as: manggo, banana, milk, honey, and ice cubes. The taste is so fresh :)

Bahan-Bahan (Ingredients) :

-Mangga/mango (1 pc)
-Pisang/banana (1/2 pc)
-Es batu/ice cubes (12 pcs)
-Madu/honey (1 tbsp)
-Vanila (pinch of)



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