Byrkjedalstunet Tour, Norway

JiVie, 2017-04-25

Byrkjedalstunet is a great destination and a fun place to stop and rest especiall y onthe way to Sirdal area before playing ski. In Byrkjedalstunet, there are several interesting place to visit, such as: large outlet, restaurant, cafe, hotel, and children playing area.

In the large outlet of Byrkjedalstunet, we may find types of chocolates, good quality candles. This vast outlet is stocked with attractive interior details, handcrafted wood, souvenirs, wool design, Local arts and crafts,fur and leather goods, stones, minerals, small scale providers of local preservatives, honey, spices, and other delicacies.


In the restaurant, they serve everything from traditional farms to the finest company dishes, made from local produce from forest, mountain and fjord. The taste is delicious :) Also there is a bageriet bakery shop selling bread, various type of ice cream, and also coffee.

There are also children playing area where children can see white goat, wooden trolls, and do other good activities. Byrkjedalstunet also provide hotels where people can stay for somedays to enjoy the area and also beautiful panorama :)



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