Luqaimat / اللقيمات (Legemat) Recipe

JiVie, 2014-11-09


Luqaimat (Legemat) is a well-known dessert between Arab, Egyptians, Lebanese, Syrian, and Jordanians where it is applied deep fry method. There are some recipes use yogurt, other use baking powder and milk. In Arabian Gulf countries, for example, Luqaimat ingredients are derived from  flour, dry yeast, saffron, and cardamom :)

Please find recipe as below:

-Wheat flour/tepung gandum (150 gram)
-Plain flour/tepung terigu (150 gram)
-Yoghurt (3 tbsp)
-Sugar/gula (1 tbsp)
-Safran (1 tbsp)
-Salt/garam (1/4 tbsp)
-Yeast/ragi (1 tbsp)
-Water/air (200 ml)
-Sesame seed/biji wijen


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