Disco Fried Egg (डिस्को तला हुआ अंडा) Telur Goreng Disko

JiVie, 2014-11-08


Disco Fried Egg is popular dish in India. The food is consisted of scallion and eggs that cooked in hot oil and then poured by paprika, curry, and garam masala. And press the egg for sometimes till it is cooked, turn around, and press the other parts. The taste is very delicious :)

Disco Fried Egg (Telur Goreng Disko) adalah hidangan populer barasal dari India. Makanan ini terdiri dari daun bawang dan telur yang dimasak dalam minyak panas dan kemudian ditaburi paprika, kari, dan garam masala. Dan kemudian telur ditekan hingga matang, dan kemudian dibalik dan ditekan di bagian lainnya. Rasanya sangat lezat :)

The recipe is shown as below:

-Bread (2 pcs)
-Eggs (2 pcs)
-Chieves (2 pcs)
-Sesame oil
-Vegetable oil
-Paprika powder
-Curry powder


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