How to Make Kidney Bean Soup (Brenebon Soup) / Cara Membuat Sup Kacang Merah

JiVie, 2014-11-09


Red Bean Soup is an emblematic dish of American cuisine  made from red beans, vegetables, spices, and meat cooked together slowly in a pot. The taste is delicious and could be served in the family dinner also :)

Sup Kacang Merah adalah makanan yang banyak dijumpai di America yang dibuat dari kacang merah, sayur-sayuran, bumbu, dan daging yang dimasak perlahan. Rasanya sangat lezat dan dapat di sajikan saat makan malam bersama dengan keluarga :)

The recipe is shown as below / resep dapat dilihat di bawah ini:

-Kidney beans (red beans)
-Onion (1/2 pc)
-Shallots (8 pcs)
-Garlic (4 pcs)
-Chili (2 pcs)
-Red paprika (1/4 pc)
-Lemon leaves (5 pcs)
-Celery leaves (5 pcs)
-Tomato (1 pc)
-Mushroom (5 pcs)
-Carrots (5 pcs)
-Salt (1 spoon)
-Pepper (1/2 spoon)
-Soya sauce (1/2 spoon)
-Broth (1/2 small pack)
-Fried onion
-Lamb meat (1/4-1/2 kg)
-Water (1,5 glass)
-Vegetable oil


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