Berlin Wall (Tembok Berlin), Germany

JiVie, 2014-11-06


The Berlin Wall was a barrier that existed from 1961 through 1989, constructed by the German Democratic Republic (GDR, East Germany) starting on 13 August 1961, that completely cut off (by land) West Berlin from surrounding East Germany and from East Berlin until it was opened in 1989. The barrier included guard towers placed along large concrete walls, which circumscribed a wide area (later known as the “death strip”) that contained anti-vehicle trenches and other defenses.

Tembok Berlin berdiri mulai tahun 1961 hingga 1989, dibangun oleh GDR, German Timur dan beroperasi mulai 13 Agustus 1961 yang berhasil membatasi Jerman Timur dan Jerman Barat hingga dibuka kembali tahun 1989. Pembatas tersebut merupakan tembok tebal yang memanjang yang juga anti hantaman kendaran dan pertahanan lainnya.


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