Thai Fried Noodles Recipe (ก๋วยเตี๋ยว ผัด ไทย)

JiVie, 2014-11-07


Other famous type of cooking noodles in Thailand is called Thai Fried Noodles. The rice noodles used in here is boiled and afterwards stir-fry together with other ingredients like shallot, garlic, chili, vegetables, soy sauce, and fish sauce. The taste is so yummy :)

Please find the ingredients as below:

-Beef (1/8 kg)
-Shrimp (10 pcs)
-Crab (10 pcs)
-Rice Noodle (1 bar)
-Sweet and salty soya sauce (1 tsp each)
-Smashed peanut
-Fried onion
-Vegetable oil

Salad sauce:
-Fish sauce (1,5 spoon)
-Lemon (2 spoon)
-Sugar (1 spoon)
-Thai chili (2 pcs)


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