Pastry Cream Recipe (Resep Krim Kue)

JiVie, 2014-11-08

Pastry Cream is commonly made to fill the choux pastry cake. The choux pastry cake is originally from France. The ingredients are relatively simple like the flour, sugar, egg, butter, and water. They are cooked for sometimes till the ingredients is for firmed.

Krim Pastry pada umumnya dibuat untuk mengisi kue choux pastry. Kue pastry berasal dari Perancis. Bahan-bahan yang relatif sederhana seperti tepung, gula, telur, mentega, dan air. Bahan-bahan tersebut dimasak hingga mengental.

Recipe could be found as below/resep dapat dilihat di bawah ini:

-Yolk/kuning telur (3 pcs)
-SugaR/gula (50 gram)
-Salt/garam (pinch of)
-Cornstarch/tepung kanji (2 tbsp)
-All purpose flour/tepung terigu (2 tbsp)
-Vanila extract/ekstrak vanila (pinch of)
-Milk/susu (300 ml)


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